Were always looking for a few good ideas...

and for a few people crazy enough to test some of ours.

What is the Beta Team?
Who is elgible?
Beta Team Mission Statement
One Final Warning
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Beta Team
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 What is the Beta Team?

The Beta Team is simply Haute Stick Lacrosse's Advanced Product Test Team.

If we pick you, your job is to tell us how to make our stuff even better.

 Statement regarding NCAA applicability

Haute Stick will never compremise or in any other way impinge on the amateur status of any athlete. We simply will never do anything to make a player ineligible to play. If you have any question whatsoever about anything that might alter your elgibility status, please contact the NCAA or the Lacrosse Foundation for further information.


Beta Team Mission Statement

To develope and manage a team of lacrosse enthusiasts to test and evaluate new and innovative lacrosse products both wear and gear in order to continue to make the best damn lacrosse gear on the planet.

The Objective

1. To help the sport of lacrosse grow and develope by developing innovative and effective lacrosse products. The goal to simply design the best products on the planet.

2. Aid in the research and develpment of lacrosse product

3. To act as a focus group

4. Bug patrol

5. To perfect product through active solicitation of ideas, suggestions and criticisms

6. To recieve complements and to create positive feedback for new technologies

7. To pullmarket
and to solicit suggestions and criticisms
refine products
the cool kids
Pull retailers into ordering product

So if you think your interested and can contribute please fill out the on line Application 

One Final Warning

If we find out your sharing our secrets with the enemy, or actring like a cocky jerk because you have the newest toys and we hear about it, that's it. Kiss it good bye. Theres enough cocky lacrosse players out there that were not going to ???

Remember that we appreciate your help with this important venture, but also keep in mind that we can't pay anyone. Can you imagine trying to figure out how to pay someone who suggests a new color of black? Also, any ideas, suggestions or any other communication are the sole property of Haute Stick Lacrosse and no form of recompense has been promised or offered for any communicated material.

Further Legal Information

Team Events

As things get going, we might sponser some special events just for Beta Team members. We will let you know more about it via the e-mail address we have on file for you from your application.

In fact, we would like to sponser a few shot contests and we might even float you some free gear to come out and help us out. Let us know of any events that might be scheduled in your area.

Spy Reports

Let us know whats going on in the lacrosse world around you.

Tell us about any clinics, camps or tournements in your area. Give us the scoop on what new stuff you like; and it doesn't have to just be lacrosse. We dig the new Apple Macs and even bought one. Tell us what products inspire you too.


The Beta Team is an instrumental part of the product design and development process of LaxWorX.

Haute Stick Lacrosse