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Congratulations! You have been recommended for Haute Stick's Advanced Product Test Team; The Beta Team.



Time required for completion --7 Minutes

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You may print this application and mail it in to Haute Stick or you may fill out the form and click the submit button at the bottom of this form.

The confidentiality agreement must be printed and mailed in to the Beta Team Address

Personal Information

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Recommended By

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Birth year: 19 Height:FeetInches


Current Team Name

Current Position: Jersey Number

Past Positions Played: AttackMidfielderDefenseGoalCoach

What year did you start?How many years have you played?

If you have coached, at what level?

Please list names of Teams that you have played on:

Jr. High TeamPositionYearCityState High School TeamPositionYearCityState College TeamPositionYearCityState Club TeamPositionYearCityState

Please list any special honors or awards received

What is your favorite and why?

HeadProduct name

Pocket Product name

ShaftProduct name

GloveProduct name

Elbow padProduct name

Shoulder padProduct name

ShoeProduct name

What other wear or gear have you seen that you particularly like and why?

What did you buy this year?

What do you think of the following lacrosse companies:

Bacarach Raisen


Crooked Arrow

Haute Stick:



Ideally, our future communication could be electronic, please list computer hardware and software fluency and systems owned. Also list any E-mail services or On-line services you have access to:

Please list the names of the stores and the product that you typically buy from:

Store NameTypeCityState

Store NameTypeCityState

Store NameTypeCityState

Store NameTypeCityState

Are you interested in attending a trade show, or helping at a local lacrosse tournaments?

Other Interests

Tell us about any clinics, camps or tournements in your area.

Give us the scoop on what new stuff you like; and it doesn't have to just be lacrosse. We dig the new Apple Macs and even bought one. Tell us what products inspire you too.

Additional Comments

Terms and conditions:

All shipments are COD and are sold with out warrantee, either stated or implied. HAUTE STICK LACROSSE is the owner and/or possessor of certain secret ideas, formulas, processes, recipes, manuals, drawings, plans, designs, specifications, tooling, equipment and other items, including subsequent developments and improvements thereof arising from this Agreement. All resulting suggestions, comments and technical information is property of HSL. I agree to be responsible for maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of HSL Proprietary Information and designs and any portion thereof disclosed to it; I will take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure of HSL Proprietary Information and any portion thereof; I agree to pay all bills on delivery, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. A $5 late fee applies to all late payments. Interest shall be charged at 1.5% per month, or 18% per annum, on all unpaid balances. I hereby agree to bind myself to pay H.S.L.W. on demand any sum which may become due. This guarantee shall be a continuing and irrevocable guarantee and indemnity for such indebtedness. I will be responsible to H.S.L.W. for any refused or returned checks, for all attorneys fees, court costs, or other costs that might arise if legal action is pursued. Venue for any action shall be in Orange County, California. My signature below indicates that I have read, understand and agree to all HSL standard terms and conditions and of this application.

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Once the form is completed, just hit thebutton. Please remember to mail in a signed hard copy.

If you have trouble E-mailing this please mail to: Beta Team, 22142 Platino, Mission Viejo, 92691