The Haute Stick Lacrosse
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From time to time, we have odds & ends and prototypes that are available on a first come, first served basis. Some of these items are one of a kind, some are initial prototypes that were used to test a new concept and to further product development. Most are not painted or printed with any kind of logo since they were for test purposes only. Some have some kind of marker writing that identifies the part as a Haute Stick Prototype

Click the product on the Auction Block to see the information including total available, ordering information and pricing and warrantee information. When we send out the product to you we will also send a questionnaire on what you think about it. Your input helps us to make the product even better.

All payments can be only made through PayPal. See the Payment page for more information.

Current Inventory

4 CU-31 Defense length Prototypes

Color: Brushed Aluminum
Length: Defense Length
Metal: CU-31
Print/Logos: None
Quality: 4
Warrantee: none
Cost: $ to be determined
Shipping: $9.99
Date: 7/25/00

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