Haute Stick's partnership with PayPal makes it easy to buy stuff fast and maybe even FREE!

By registering with Paypal, our Secure payment partner, you never have to worry about credit card security over the internet or filling out another long address form. Just register once and ordering can be done in less than three clicks. In fact, once registered you can transfer funds to someone else's e-mail address instantly. For a limited time you might even qualify to receive a $5.00 credit for use on purchases of Haute Stick product.

If you refer someone else to PayPal, you might qualify for an additional $5.00 dollar credit for each person! So if you get a few people to sign up with Haute Stick's partner PayPal, you might even be able to get some Haute Stick product for FREE*!

It's simple to order:

1. Register at PayPal our secure payment transaction partner and recieve your $5.00 credit.

Click on this link to register with Paypal and to receive your $5.00 credit
(To see a sample page Click here)
Fill out only Ten fields of information ONCE; such as name, address and phone number

2. Find what you like at
Hautestick.com or check out our special offers.

3. When your ready to buy something, Click on any Haute Stick/Paypal link and you can order your stuff in three short clicks. On a fast modem. it couild take as little as 14 seconds to order anything on the Haute Stick site.

4. Once you confirm your information, Paypal will instantly send the money and send us an e-mail with your order information and address. We will confirm your order with a return e-mail. If you don't recieve any info back, please e-mail us and we'll take care of it right away.

It's important that you correct any information on the Payment confirmation page so we verify what to send and where to send it:

5. If you have any questions E-Mail us.

6. That's it. Thats all there is to it. Most items ship from our warehouse back east, so expect 3 business days; some items ship from Sothern California so expect 8 business days total. Well do what we can to get it to you even faster, because we know what it's like to sit around waiting for stuff.

Shipping Info

*Free means that with each Paypal referal you get a $5.00 credit up to a possible $1,000 dollar total. You can use this funds to buy any Haute Stick product on the website only. Offer not good for any special offers, retail or dealer purchases.