Composite Stick Tape from Haute Stick Lacrosse
Developed in 1992 at the LaxWorxs R&D Lab while engineering a product to repair composite shafts. It was discovered that the repair tape worked equally well on broken lacrosse heads. The water-activated epoxy resin bonded to the plastic in the head and with the additional strength and stiffness from the composite stick tape, heads were even stronger in the broken area than before.

The shaft to the left was repaired with a thin layer of Stick Tape. Any thing can be mended and repaired with Stick Tape, provided enough tape is used.

Not only can the Stick Tape be used to repair broken lacrosse shafts, it can also be used to strengthen up and reinforce brand new lacrosse heads. For example, if you wanted to reinforce a plastic lacrosse head just to give you face-offs a little more stiffness, this tape would be ideal.

Technical Specifications

The Stick Tape is now only available direct from

Application and curing is simple; wet, wrap tightly and dry. It can be used the next day.

The Stick Tape is made from a revolutionary weave of Graphite, Kevlar and Structural S-glass. The Carbon Weave is easily recognized as the black strand, the Kevlar is yellow and the Structural S-glass is the base matrix that is translucent. Each of these fibers brings different and complementary properties to the Stick Tape.

Carbon Fiber: Adds lightness and strength

Kevlar: Adds extra high tensile strength and extremely low weight

Structural S-glass Matrix binds up and holds together with a mixture of high strength without adding noticeable weight.

We are working on the section below. If you are interested in testing the stick tape, e-mail us.

Stick Tape Instructions

 For head repair samples:

Head Photo One
Head Photo Two
Head Photo Three
Head Photo Four
Head Photo Five

  For Beta Tester Reports :

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