Titanium Railgun
Skull Shaped Shaft

Lacrosse Shaft Photo 
All Haute Stick shafts are built tough in Orange County, California USA

Our Newest Lacrosse Shaft

Titanium Railgun
The most advanced lacrosse shaft ever invented.
Not yet available, Beta Copies are available.

Currently Available in limited quantities

Retro Railgun
A step backwards in lacrosse stick technology
Made of Northern Ash Elastomerically bonded to a Aluminum Alloy Core

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Mutant Shaft

HybridAerospace Alloy Core compression wrapped with a high-strength Composite Kevlar Shell

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Radiuses and Reinforced Ridges

Insanely Strong and light composite shaft thermoformed with Carbon Fiber in a thermoplastic matrix designed to take repeated impacts

Metal Matrix Composite
Revolutionary shaft is significantly stiffer and stronger than standard aluminum lax shafts at a competitive price

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This Alloy Shaft is made of the strongest & lightest aluminum alloy commercially available

Hi -Ti :

Made out of the revolutionary metal that set the standard in performance sports