Introducing the 'Titanium RailGun' from Haute Stick Lacrosse

Three years in the making, the Railgun is a quantum jump in lacrosse shaft technology. It is not just another metal tube; It's a complete redesign of the shaft itself.

Designed and developed at the super-secret LaxWorX design shop, this Titanium Shaft is the strongest shaft on the planet. It is completely unlike anything you have ever seen before. And it will feel insane in your hand.

Not only is it completely different than other shafts, it is also available in several different 'Flavors'.

RailGun FX { Flexible } -- This shaft is designed to be the most flexible shaft ever! You can whip a ball faster than ever, and who knows, you might even be able to shoot around someone too, it's so flexible. But because it's made out of a revolutionary new type of titanium, it is still exceptionally strong.

RailGun XL { Extra Light } -- This is the lightest shaft on the market, with vented rails.

RailGun RT { Reinforecd Torsionally } -- This shaft is designed for face-offs where rigidity counts. The extra splines not only reinforce the shaft torsionally, it also makes the shaft significantly stronger as well.

RailGun MX { Maximum Strength } -- This shaft is around 190,000 Pounds per square inch Ultimate and yield strength, which is significantly stronger than other titanium shafts. This is about as bulletproof as you can get. We have increased the spline density and have super heated the rails to make this the strongest lacrosse shaft there is.

Since the titanium Railgun was designed on a component chassis, you can add some options to make your shaft even better.

RailGun XS { Extra Strength } -- This is a spline based reinforcement. Any Railgun can be retro-modified to add additional strength through the increase in spline density.

RailGun GS { Grip Surface } -- The shaft is bonded with a high strength, impact dampening elastamer. The Grip surface can be custom trimmed to fit your style of play.

And if that weren't enough, we also introducing the Retro RailGun

The Retro Railgun is designed for those lacrosse players that love the feel of wood, but want the strength of more modern shafts. This shaft is the second hybrid shaft designed by Haute Stick and continues the winning tradition of innovative lacrosse gear.

Retro RailGun LT { Light } -- Made out of the lightest weight, reinforced with a 7000 series aluminum anodized spine.

Retro RailGun XS { Extra Strength } -- Made out of imported hardwood

We are currently looking for a few lacrosse enthusiasts to help us field test this exciting new shaft. So if your crazy enough to help us Beta Test the shaft, e-mail us. For those cool enough to help us out, were going to sell it to you at the special Beta Team price. Only a limited number will be released in 2000 due to the limited supply. For more details e-mail us now.