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In early 1991, we decided that there should be better quality lacrosse wear designs, so we started Haute Stick to make the best Lacrosse Wear on the planet. We had been doing different lacrosse designs to use as a fund raiser for the high school lacrosse team that we were coaching. We designed several different designs, a few of which the head coach thought were too radical. So our first design that we produced was sold as a fund raising effort for our lacrosse team.


Since most of the kids on the team thought the other designs were pretty cool too, we decided to make them up as T-shirt designs also.Our first advertisement featuring these designs were introduced in the December issue of Lacrosse Magazine, page 49. (Volume 15, Number 6)

Somehow I conned an old girlfriend of mine into posing for our first advertisement. We had 9 designs total and decided to put only 8 of them in the ad. The other designs were all based on some earlier designs that we had developed. Here is the design that we chose to leave out of the ad. We thought it was too simple.

The first design was our Rad Haz design.

T-Skull-Cross Back

Then came the Bio-Haz design. I had always liked both of the Haz designs and thought that they would look great as lacrosse designs.


Then came the Discipline Design. It was the first shirt with some meaning to it. It was designed so that the lettering spelling out the word "Discipline" would be obscured by the lacrosse head. Together with the lacrosse ball they formed a large exclamation mark (!). This was our way to show that we constantly need to be reminded of the importance of discipline in our lives, but yet we didn't want any one else to easily read it.


Air Attack was our next design. It was the result of a day of taking photographs of lacrosse players shooting and throwing the ball. The bright red figure was my brother, who had this cool high angle jumping shot.


The Poke design originated from the same photography. I got lucky enough to catch my brother getting jousted up by my other brother as he was shooting. In a way they are part of the same design; guy flies through air to shoot, defense guy snags him.

The next design was one of the simplest. The Flower design was simple, clean lines and is still one of my favorite designs.


The last an still one of the best is the "Skull - Cross Sticks" design. This design was based on the classic crossed sticks, but the skull was taken from Vietnam Death Cards, which were playing cards that were dropped on the dead enemy solders, and usually featured the name of the platoon out company that was responsible. We added texture and lettering to give the design a sinister,m yet high-class design feel.


The last design came just after the next season. The "FaceDodge" design.




Our firtst big feature was in the 1993 Action Sports Retailer magazine. To see our first feature in a major magazine click on the cover.

This is our feature: