Haute Stick Pocket Laceing


This Pocket Lace is made out of the most advanced material available. There is simply, no stronger, lighter cording.

The composition of this revolutionary material is based on an advanced Aramid that is even lighter and stronger than Kevlar. In fact, some of the most demanding bullet-proof vest manufactures are replacing their Kevlar vests with this material. Since this cording is so strong and light the thinest version will replace a much thicker traditional cord. Due to this excess strength, it can replace cording that is twice as thick. The thinness of the cord makes it easier to notch the pocket leathers and hold the lacing diamond tighter.

 Part of the Technical Fiber Series: This Aramid 500 Pound tensile strength Pocket Lace is 20 times stronger, significantly lighter and much thinner than standard pocket lacing. Because it is thinner, it notches the pocket leather to hold tighter and last longer. Fraying is virtually eliminated. No need to burn the ends. This Aramid fiber is stronger than even Kevlar and is also used in bullet proof vests and other high-tech applications.

This is the pocket cord to size.