Smaller threads grip tighter, tear less!



1. Attach head

2. Screw the Head Lock with the alan key.

Push hard to start thread.


3. The plastic cap may be attatched for removal by hand.

Must be completely pressed on with hand or strike with hammer

4. Finish tightening till secure

( If plastic cap ever strips, pop off cap and replace it with new one)

Simple improvement, better hold. The Head Lock attachment system makes head attachment a breeze. It not only holds and grips better than the standard sheet metal screw, it lasts longer and doesn't tear the shaft. Watch for imitations.



Use hexkey to start screw threads. After initial thread is established, continue to tighten till secure. Plastic cap may be hammered or pressed to shear and lock. Make sure that cap completely covers screw.

Standard Set Includes

2 Head Lock Black Alloy Steel Socket Bolt

2 Black Knurled Knobs

2 Black Hex Key