Introducing the most revolutionary shaft in lacrosse; the PSYCHO Shaft. Our TradeMark Skull Shape is carved out of an advanced Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber with bullet-proof Kevlar. This shaft is the strongest/lightest ever built*. Unlike Titanium, this shaft is designed to absorb impact and dampen vibration and impact energy. Metal shafts dent, the Psycho Shaft spreads the impact load out into the Thermoplastic Carbon Fibers. Much like a spiders web spreads out the fly's impact. This energy transfer property is what makes a Kevlar bullet-proof vest able to absorb and spread out the impact. The high Tensile Strength makes the bullet energy hit like a bowling ball, instead of a sword stabbing. For information on the Psycho, Kevlar, Basic Mechanical Properties, Shaft Data, Skull Shape click into the areas.

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